Homebuyers can virtually explore listings and tour properties through the Rocket Homes app on Apple Vision Pro

Detroit, February 5, 2024 鈥 , a tech-based real estate service provider and part of (NYSE: RKT), today announced its app is now available on , the innovative new spatial computer. With the Rocket Homes app on Apple Vision Pro, users can blend their physical and virtual worlds to view and tour properties to find the home that is right for them and their family.

鈥淎t Rocket Homes, we know there are millions of people who are waiting for the right moment to buy a home. We also know that there are many ways to find and fall in love with your next house during the homebuying journey,鈥 said Sam Vida, President and Chief Product Officer of Rocket Homes. 鈥淲e are constantly developing new ways to make the home search more convenient and effective. That鈥檚 exactly what we did when we created the Rocket Homes app for Apple Vision Pro, which will bring the home shopping experience to the game-changing world of spatial computing.鈥

When homebuyers launch the Rocket Homes app in Apple Vision Pro, a home search page and map of nearby listings based on the user鈥檚 current location will fill their field of vision. From there, buyers can immerse themselves in the spaces they are considering, giving them a realistic sense of a home鈥檚 location and layout from miles away or even across the country. The app also features a 鈥楲ook Around鈥 option, enabling the user to explore the home鈥檚 exterior and view the surrounding neighborhood. Plus, on listings that include 3D tours, they can get a close-up l look at every room in the home, helping consumers to picture what their life there could be like.

Beyond the home search, additional features include the ability to compare multiple listings and view them side-by-side in Apple Vision Pro by using hand gestures to move listings around the space in front of them and zoom in on the map. In addition, The Rocket Homes app also supports Apple鈥檚 SharePlay, enabling users to show a friend or family member what they see in their Apple Vision Pro via FaceTime. A homebuyer can get a second opinion and virtually walk through the home together, from anywhere in the world.

Interaction on Apple Vision Pro is predominantly driven by the user鈥檚 hands, eyes and voice, leveraging machine learning to accurately predict what command is being given. Home shoppers can simply say the location they are looking for and are instantly presented with possible listings. If the user is signed into their Rocket account, Rocket Homes鈥 advanced AI and machine learning technology will show properties the homebuyer is likely to be interested in based on their previous browsing and saved favorites.

Virtual reality, the precursor to spatial computing, has proven to be vital to the real estate community. Goldman Sachs estimated that used virtual reality to show listings in 2020 during the height of COVID-19, giving buyers a close look at homes while social distancing. Even though physical showings have returned, virtual reality has quickly 鈥 with the global market having been valued at $60 billion in 2022 and projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 27.5% through 2030.

“As an agent, I’ve had many buyers moving to another state who purchase a home sight unseen due to the cost and time it would take to travel to those properties,” said Matt Mesimer, real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty Smart 1 in Winter Haven, Florida. 鈥淚t鈥檚 awesome that, with the Rocket Homes app now available for Apple Vision Pro, buyers will be able take a more immersive look at a property from anywhere in the country. This also helps agents like me by giving buyers a preview of the home before any physical walk-throughs are necessary, streamlining the overall process to get them into their new home faster than was previously possible.鈥

The Rocket Homes mobile app was recognized as one of the Best Apps for iOS 17 by Apple鈥檚 editorial board in 2023.

Homebuyers can download the Rocket Homes app to use on their mobile device, in CarPlay or in the Vision Pro App Store today. To shop for or list a home, speak with a real estate agent or for more information, visit .

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